Ansible is an automation tool that is written in python. it is an open-source software used for provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.

First we requires aws credentials to connect to aws to launch ec2 instance.

Go to IAM service in aws and click add user:

Give the programmatic access…

S3 will trigger the lambda function:

We can set trigger. So that any event happen then our that will trigger our function. For s3 if any action happen in s3 then lambda will run our function.

Follow the following Steps :

  1. Go to s3 and create a bucket in same region where lambda service is running our function.
  2. Go to properties…
  • Lambda is a function as a service (FAAD) provides by Amazon.
  • It is a serverless service.
  • It charges for per ms.
  • It is free for 1milllion request
  • Bydefault lambda service have permission to upload logs in cloud watch.

How to use lambda service:

  1. Click on create function
  2. Select one option for creating function their is…

Anu Chundawat

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